Winter is coming: prepare for the holiday app-ortunity

It’s the holiday season and that means two things: shiny new
devices and lots of apps for getting things done! There will be
more people taking valuable actions and more opportunities for you
to be there when people are looking. According to Adjust, people
who install apps in December complete twice as many in-app
actions—like buying a gift or beating the first level of a
game—within 24 hours.

App campaigns
help you show your apps to these users wherever
they are—, Google Play, YouTube, and over 3 million
sites and apps in the Google Display Network. Today, we’re
sharing new insights and best practices to help you make the most
of your app campaigns this holiday season.

Get your timing right

It’s important to reach consumers when they’re interested in
discovering and engaging with new apps. But many marketers get
their timing wrong, even during the most important time of the

Take Black Friday as an example—Singular found that installs
peak during the week of Thanksgiving. However, many app marketers
jump the gun—marketing activities peak 10 days before Black
Friday, dropping about 30% on the actual holiday weekend.

So don’t leave consumers out in the cold when they’re
knocking! Get your timing right this season and ensure your
campaigns are live during peak periods. To learn more about how to
succeed with Google App ads, check out our best

Capture consumers’ attention

People turn to apps for inspiration when they’re in-market for
gifts. In the U.S., AppsFlyer found that 12% more people spend
money in apps in November and December compared to any other time
of the year.

For eBay, holiday campaigns are all about finding consumers that
want to complete their shopping with ease. And they’ve found
videos to be a great way to win the attention of shoppers who are
researching and ready to take action: “The scalable video format
allows us to seamlessly highlight eBay’s value proposition of
massive selection, fast and free shipping and best value,” says
Sadie Daryan, Global Head of Display and App Marketing at eBay.

eBay Holiday YT Ad

Holiday video ad for the eBay mobile app

For eBay and other brands, video ads on Universal App campaigns
have driven 14B in-app actions over the last 12 months.1 To improve
performance, we recommend adding both portrait and landscape videos
to help increase
your chances
of showing the most relevant ad.

If you don’t have the resources to create a holiday-specific
video, we can help. YouTube’s
AutoDirector feature
automatically generates personalized
portrait and landscape videos for your campaign using existing
assets like images, text and ratings from your app store listing.
Reach out to your Google Sales team to learn more.

AutoDirector Seasonal Template

Example of
AutoDirector Seasonal template

Prepare for success

Data is your best friend as you prepare for your holiday push,
helping you make informed decisions as to when to run campaigns and
how to optimize your ad assets. To get a more complete picture of
how your holiday ads are working, remember that ads can drive
results even if users don’t click on them.

That’s why we recently introduced view-through
reporting for App campaigns—to help you determine
which viewable
ad impressions were associated with conversions.

These new insights helped InnoGames to better understand its
valuable players. According to Felix Janzen, Director Performance
Marketing at InnoGames, “View-through conversions help InnoGames
and our analytics team analyze the full picture of the conversion
funnel and attribute the right value to the actions of the

After enabling view-through conversion reporting, InnoGames saw
a 12% uplift in transactions and adjusted its bid strategy to reach
even more players likely to make purchases.

Make sure you have view-through conversion reporting enabled in
Google Ads and with your
App Attribution Partner
. And check out our
to learn more.

We hope these tips help you find valuable new app customers this
season. Happy holidays!

1. Google Internal data 2018

Source: FS – Social Media Blogs 2
Winter is coming: prepare for the holiday app-ortunity