Want to get more followers on Instagram? Stick to a Theme

Standing out on Instagram is getting harder every year. With
more than 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is also the
most used apps in 2018
after YouTube. The year 2017 saw the
rise of the number of business profiles, reaching 25
million at the end of 2017
. Users share more than 100
million photos
and videos every day. The competition is high,
so every business owner needs to create unique content in order to
attract and engage more followers.

Content is everything, but you also need to know how to organize
and shape it. People are less likely to follow influencers with
random bunch of pictures. The top influencers on Instagram follow a
theme and the content remain consistent to their theme.

What is an Instagram theme?

The Instagram theme is a general look of your profile. Instagram
feed is the first thing your potential followers will see. So, you
need to make sure it is aligned with your business goals. The
tasteful Instagram theme should include high-quality pictures of
the same color palette.

The Importance of an Instagram theme

The Instagram theme can help gain the attention of your
potential followers. There are a lot of interesting profiles on
Instagram, so users don’t have much time to scroll through each
of them. That’s why you need to stick to one theme. So, everyone
can immediately understand what to expect from your profile.
According to SocialProof.xyz,
you have only 7 seconds to draw users attention.

The general theme can also help you to build consistency which
is essential in terms of Instagram.

Consistency helps to create trust and help to build a highly
engaged audience. Seeing something familiar calms people down.
That’s why we like to watch the same TV shows, buy the same
products, and visit favorite restaurants.

If you stick to one theme for a long time, followers will be
able to recognize your style. A theme reflects your personality,
who you are and what you represent.

Russian photographer Murad Osmann is one of the best examples of
top influencers with the unique style. The concept of Follow
pictures belongs to him. It went viral in 2012 and inputted
his name into the history of Instagram for years.

You don’t need to post the same pictures all the time. It’s
all about creating your own style.

How to choose your perfect Instagram theme

Choose your overall story

Before setting up one general theme, you need to experiment with
your profile. It will help you to understand the preferences of
your followers. You can also engage them to vote on your future
theme. If you don’t have an active audience, you can calculate
your engagement rate on your own. To do so, you need to separate
your pictures. Use different categories such as nature, fashion,
kids, products, videos, etc.

Calculate your comments and likes per post and divide it by the
number of your followers. That will be your engagement rate. You
can also use Instagram analytics tools such as Socialbaker,
Quintly, Union Metrics.

Stick to similar colors

Every successful brand has its color palette. It helps customers
to identify the company. Tiffany &
. is the best examples of a company with a brand color. The
light-medium robin egg blue color is now associated only with

The same should apply to your Instagram theme. You can choose
either one main color or up to three different ones. You just need
to make sure your brand colors appear in every picture you post. If
you don’t know what color to choose, you can experiment

Post the first block of 6 pictures with the same color palette
and analyze your followers’ reaction.

What to look for?

  1. A number of new followers

The color temperature of your Instagram theme is another
important thing to consider. You can choose between cold and warm
tones. Keep in mind, the color temperature needs to reflect your
business. For instance, influencers who specialize in travel,
parenthood, make-up choose warm tones.

Choosing your unique color can also help you to build

Do some planning

Posting consistency is crucial because it keeps your profile

Plan ahead what you want to post on Instagram. Let’s say you
have this great photo session of the product or your travel.
Don’t post similar pictures. Build a content strategy for the
week instead.

You can also use the Grid Layout Tool to split the images across
the number of tiles. It will help you to make a strong visual
impact, and it looks professional. Use a high-resolution photo for
this purpose.

Sticking to one Instagram theme will make your profile look
tasteful. There are a lot of profiles with minimalist or black and
white Instagram feed themes. Look for something ‘one and only.’
Keep in mind that creating a perfect Instagram theme requires
implementing the strategy.

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Want to get more followers on Instagram? Stick to a Theme

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Want to get more followers on Instagram? Stick to a Theme