Top Social Channels Your Business Should Be Using for Marketing

The US is the largest social media market globally. More than
billion is spent annually
on social media marketing.

Social media marketing projections suggest potential future
rapid growth. Wondering why every business is using social media
marketing? Social channels increase brand awareness, inbound
traffic, search engine ranks, and it’s cost-effective.

With digital trends, your business needs to upgrade to social
media marketing. However, you need to use the best social media
platforms to enjoy maximum returns.

Read this article to learn top social channels your business
should use for marketing.

1. Facebook

It’s old news that Facebook is a big market. Facebook ranks
highest as the leading social network.
94% of marketers
use Facebook for marketing. With such top
trends, you must be curious why Facebook?

  • The platform offers target marketing based on demographics,
    age, and tastes.
  • People spend ridiculous amounts on Facebook
  • Facebook has more than 1 billion users

The three factors are incentives for brand awareness, conversion
of visitors to sales, and referral marketing.  

To benefit from Facebook, create a business page with this top
social media network. Update the page every day with promotional
content. Also, make sure your content is engaging and interest to
attract traffic.

2. Twitter

Twitter is the top social networking channel. If you have the
potential for catchy and exciting tweets, then this marketing
platform suits you. Hashtags work the magic if you want to keep up
the trend.

So, why should you use Twitter as your major social media

  • Facilitates interaction with clients
  • Promotional information and content sharing
  • Builds business networks and brand awareness

A Twitter social network is different from other platforms. To
grow your business through the platform, make your content
conversational, funny, and be highly responsive.

3. Instagram Social Channel

Instagram is a photo sharing social network. People love to
share their experiences on Instagram through pictures.

Instagram marketing is dependent on the number of followers. You
need to increase your following on the social media outlet
consistently. Use the Best
Instagram Growth Agency
to increase the number of

So, what are the benefits of Instagram in your business

  • Enables you to connect with customers through customer
  • You can re-use marketing material
  • Builds brand awareness and authority

A picture is worth more than a thousand words. Create
high-quality pictures that connect with the target market to enjoy
business growth.

4. YouTube

This is the best video social channel in digital marketing. By
creating video content that connects with clients, you can grow
your business with YouTube.

The social channel content is different from others, as content
doesn’t have to be humorous. Create informative, interesting, and
engaging content for an active marketing campaign.

Wondering why YouTube is a top social media site for your

  • You can reach clients at a global capacity
  • You can create customer loyalty through subscriptions
  • The social channel is free

Grow your brand today by creating a YouTube channel.


In the current business world, high competition can kick you out
of the game. You want your business to stand out in the digital
era?  Use social channels to gain competitive advantage.

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Top Social Channels Your Business Should Be Using for Marketing

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Top Social Channels Your Business Should Be Using for Marketing