Top 10 Social Media Analytics Tools For Business

Top 10 Social Media Analytics Tools For Business

Do you know which of your tweets perform the best?

What’s the best time for you to update Instagram with new

Is your Facebook strategy working to convert
traffic to leads
? Yes? No? Maybe?

You might be having a difficult time answering these questions
without using a social media analytics tool. Today, most marketers
are aware that they need some specific tools to measure their

There are a number of tools available that can analyze how your
social channels are performing. The only catch is that a new tool
is released every other day.

With so many options on the table, the question is what can be
the best tool for your business?

Whether you need performance data of a particular campaign,
Instagram or Facebook stories, or just an overview of your social
media profiles, we have got your back. Let’s check the 10 top
social media analytics tools to evolve your marketing strategy.

1. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is one of the

best social media tools
 to analyze and show how your website
content is performing on different social media platforms. For
example, Buzzsumo lets you know how many shares your blog have
received on Twitter and Facebook.

You can easily grab attention from your targeted audience via
social media channels. Hence, it is necessary to understand what
most of your customers expect. Buzzsumo helps you get insights into
the number of shares every piece of content gets and the type of
content that performs best on each platform. This depends on the
content type, length, and the publish date.

Buzzsumo for social media analytics tools

2. Google Analytics

Technically, Google
is not a social media tool. But it’s still one of
the best tools to measure social ROI and track
social media campaigns
. You might already have Google Analytics
set up on your website for monitoring and analyzing traffic, you
can also create and access reports that will be specifically
related to social media tracking.

For example, you should be able to see how much traffic is coming to
your website
from social networks or can use UTM parameters for
tracking particular social media campaigns.

Google Analytics for social media analytics tools

3. Quintly

Quintly uses social data
for providing effective solutions to agencies, brands, and media.
It allows businesses to validate their social media efforts with
powerful analytics tools.

On average, Quintly offers 350 social media analytics metrics.
As a business, you can leverage these statistics or even customize
them to measure your goals effectively. Additionally, with Quintly,
you can arrange all the relevant social media KPIs on a
pre-existing or a customized dashboard.

Moreover, you have an option to observe all your channels and
compare them with one another to have comparative insights.

Quintly for social media analytics tools

4. Viralwoot

Viralwoot helps you track
all the underlying data of your boards. With the help of this tool,
you can monitor the number of followers, likes, pins, and repins.
It provides data in the form of a spreadsheet which makes sorting
easy for you.

Viralwoot enables you to track the
SEO level of your social media
board in order to
improve its search rankings
. Moreover, it also provides you
with trending keywords for Pinterest. With this tool, you can
analyze your content as well, such as which is your most pinned
piece of content.

Viral Woot for Social Media Scheduler and Analytics Platform for social media analytics tools

5. SproutSocial

offers social
media management software
 to help businesses implement
effective social
media strategies
and accomplish desired goals. It includes a
robust social media management tool that incorporates social
analytics in detail.

With SproutSocial, you can access all the analytics related to
various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram,
LinkedIn, and Twitter from a single platform.

SproutSocial shares multiple reports of your social media
accounts. It includes an engagement report on your Facebook page to
your task performance report.

6. Snaplytics

If there is one thing missing from most of these social media
analytics tools it is recognition of Snapchat. Businesses may have
to use a separate platform to check data from Snapchat as it
doesn’t have a strong internal analytics tool.

Snaplytics helps you
with data related to the snaps performance of your users. It also
provides insight into Instagram Stories. With the help of this
tool, you can track the completion as well as open rates over time
to have a better understanding of much your audience is engaging
with you. You can also track engagements, screenshots, and replies
to determine where you lose your users.

With this tool, you can create a schedule of stories for both
Instagram and Snapchat. It also helps you capture the incoming
snaps and then repost them.

Snaplytics for social media analytics tools

7. Audiense

helps you leverage your users’ interests, get actionable
insights, and create robust strategies for your business. It
provides you with unique visual audience segmentation.

Audiense insights allow you to identify your targeted social
audience. It offers numbers of filter options to create a report
that can be used to ensure you that you’re targeting the right
segment of your audience. You are able to integrate this tool with
your own data in a convenient way.

Audiense for social media analytics tools

8. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is
specifically used for Instagram. One thing that separates
Iconosquare from other social media analytics tools is that along
with analyzing your normal videos and images, you can have insights
into Instagram
. If you choose one of the higher plans, there is an
option to get influencer analytics as well.

Iconsquare for social media analytics tools

9. Tailwind

When it comes to visual social media platforms, Instagram and
Snapchat are the ones that most people talk about. In this
competitive marketplace, Pinterest is active too. And to measure
your Pinterest performance, Tailwind is one of the most
popular tools to try.

With the help of this tool, you have an option to track your
followers and engagement trends. You can analyze your audience.
Tailwind also provides Instagram analytics with certain plans.

Tailwind for social media analytics tools

10. ShortStack

You must have heard of a social
media contest
, right?

Have you given it a go? Did you pick a winner? Did you analyze
how your contest went? You can answer all these with yes when you
check out and try ShortStack. This social media
contest app provides performance analytics. Running a social media
contest can be a great approach to attract the attention of your
users. You can also give away some free gifts to encourage users to
enroll for your contest.

Shortstack for social media analytics tools

Wrapping up

Undoubtedly, there can’t be a one-stop solution for analyzing
all your social media platforms. All you can do is to check every
option carefully and go with the one that will suit your needs.

With the above list, you now have knowledge of what each tool
can do and how it can help you. I hope this will aid you to target
your social audience in a more precise way.

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