The Dos And Don’ts Of Content Marketing In 2019

Content marketing has grown immensely as the average consumer is
exposed to far more content than ever before. This is due to mobile
technology developing so people are constantly reading, listening,
or viewing content hundreds of times daily. For this reason the
quality of content has had to increase as people have become more
specific about the type and quality of content they consume. Far
too many brands are wasting money by making huge mistakes in 2019
in their content marketing strategies. The following are things
companies should be doing and others that they should be avoiding
like the plague.

Creating Content Based On Data

One advantage that many digital marketers have when developing
their content marketing campaigns is the
usage of data
. Understand what has happened in the past is
important as the clarity of what works and what does not becomes
very clear. Certain types of content can be in-depth as well as
easy to produce like that of a weekly podcast. Other types like
long form articles could take quite a bit of time without offering
the depth a podcast could. Different demographics consume content
differently so this is something to keep in mind while varying your
content types during a campaign.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword targeting is far different than
keyword stuffing
which can really make a piece of content
difficult to read. If the word “Sprint iPhone” occurs 30 times
in a 500 word article most people will not make it through the
first paragraph. Google also has taken a hard line on low quality
content created only for SEO purposes that do not offer value to
the reader. Have an expert writer incorporate certain keywords in a
natural way as this will allow for quality content to be produced
with SEO benefits.

Targeting The Right Keywords To Maximize Conversions

When doing offsite link building it is important to do the
appropriate keyword research. Your company wants to target words
that help the company rank as well as terms that often times lead
potential customers to sales pages. This needs to be considered
before creating content for the site, offsite, and even for the
keywords for specific website pages. Summaries on blog posts can
also make them much easier for Google to pick up so these have
begun to be more important than ever.

Not Considering SEO In Their Marketing Plan

Content marketing and SEO have always been related but with
quality content driving the search engines they are more entwined
than ever before. Search engines play a huge role in whether we
think a digital marketing campaign is a success or not. They drive
the most traffic which can lead to sales directly as people do not
want to venture off of the first page to buy something or set an
appointment somewhere.

Totally Skipping Out On Influencer Marketing/Picking Wrong

Influencer marketing might not be for every business but for
certain businesses it can be extremely profitable. The trick is to
have the influencer produce quality content that grabs the
attention of viewers. The influencer should also reflect the brand
as the wrong influencer could portray a message that is not in line
with their customer demographic. Test out a few influencers to see
which offers the best ROI so you can maximize the efficiency of the
marketing campaign.

Refusing To Modify Strategy If Results Are Not Sufficient

Content marketing campaigns need to be malleable as at times a
certain strategy might not work. Google algorithm changes can also
make a big difference in what works as a tactic might lose its
effectiveness with a slight change. Set milestones to see if you
might need to modify the strategy with specific data sets as the
data can clarify what is working and what is not.

Educate, Educate, Educate

Education of customer is one of the most important things that
you can do with a piece of content. Presenting in this in an easy
to understand and entertaining format can be tough but it is
possible. Understanding things like
chapter 7 vs 11
be the perfect piece of content for a person
looking into their financial issues. This will allow them to get
started on the path rather than wonder for weeks or even months how
they can start changing their financial lives now. Updating older
content to make it relevant can be a great way to produce more
content that will continually stay up to date thus making it much
easier to produce content. 

As you can see there are plenty of things in 2019 to avoid and try
out this year. Content marketing is going to continue to be a great
way to grow a brand and business. Use the appropriate tactics to
reap all of the benefits that it can bring a business.

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The Dos And Don’ts Of Content Marketing In 2019
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The Dos And Don’ts Of Content Marketing In 2019