The 4 Worst Things About Holiday Marketing

worst things holiday marketing

Do you become a different marketer during the holiday

Until holiday season begins, you spend countless hours
researching your audiences, building
buyer personas
, and executing strategies that put the
customer’s experience first. All of your work is rooted in best
practice and conducted with an innovative spirit. I mean, let’s
be honest, you’re really good at this.

Then, out of nowhere, the holiday marketing season takes

worst holiday marketing

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All of those best practices and innovative, creative ideas take
a backseat to what needs to be done for the final push before
year’s end. We don’t act like ourselves. We send multiple
emails daily. We execute a variety of promotional ideas we would
never consider in Q2. We try to tailor our messages in ways we
aren’t quite ready to do. The result is a marketing tsunami that
results in a lot of noise and a bunch of tired marketing

Here’s the thing: we know we aren’t ourselves during the
holidays. And it makes sense why we act the way we do in the final
quarter of the year. According to a National Retail Foundation
survey, consumers will spend 4.1 percent more during the holiday
season this year than they did a year ago, for a total of $720

This year, we decided to ask a group of marketers what
they think of the profession’s approach during the holiday
season. We partnered with our great friends at Oracle Marketing
Cloud and surveyed
more than 400 seasoned marketers
 across the U.S. We asked them
what they like and dislike most about the holiday marketing season.
The answers we received were revealing, candid and

We took our survey responses and developed a set of hilarious,
spot-on cartoons that illustrate how marketers feel about Q4
activities. We want you to grab an eggnog (spiked, of course)
and download
“Holiday Marketing Nightmares Revealed” now

holiday marketing

In the meantime, here’s a summary of the top 4 most
annoying things about holiday marketing, according to

1. When Santa Appears too Early

We Don’t Like Holiday Campaigns that Begin Too Early

Taking the top spot for biggest holiday annoyance is holiday
campaigns that coincide with back-to-school shopping. Sixty-three
percent of marketers say it drives them nuts when they see a
holiday marketing campaign in full flux right before Labor Day or
just before March Madness. We believe there’s a window when
it’s appropriate to do holiday marketing even though we don’t
necessarily abide by that window.

63% of marketers say it drives them nuts when they see a holiday
marketing campaign in full flux right before Labor Day or just
before March Madness.

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2. Cyber Monday Sales That Start November 1st

We Could Do Without the Stress

During the five-day period from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday,
70% of Americans shop. Black Friday is the busiest shopping day
during this period, with almost 115 million shoppers. Perhaps,
it’s because we know this fact that we get a little carried away.
Marketers’ second top holiday annoyance is the practice of
creating sales and promotions for Black Friday or Cyber Monday that
are so hot they induce consumer stress.

3. Holiday Email Overload

We Email and Email and Email

The third top frustration marketers have is using the holidays
as a justification to send more emails. Nearly half of marketers
said this practice got under their skin. Interestingly, while some
survey respondents claim we abuse email during the holiday
marketing season, others say it’s justified and consumer behavior
data backs the increase.

4. Overuse of the “T’was the Night Before…”

We Re-Connect with the Word T’was

This is the most interesting result our survey revealed.
According to survey respondents, more than half of marketers
believe it’s time to retire the Christmas poem, A Visit from St.
Nicholas. Sixty percent of us are bothered by campaigns that use
phrases from this poem and believe t’was time we looked to other
sources for creative holiday inspiration.

60% of marketers are sick of campaigns that use phrases that
include t’was the night before

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There is plenty more we do during the holiday season that we
wouldn’t do any other time of year. All of those ideas have been
illustrated for you to enjoy in this

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