Salon Business Secrets: 10 Actionable Marketing Ideas That Can Help You Secure More Clients

10 Marketing Tactics That Can Help You Expand and Grow Your Salon Business

Salons invest a lot in their location, their staff and
specialists, their equipment, and their products. However, one
thing they often neglect to invest in is their marketing campaigns.
How can the clients find your fantastic salon otherwise?

Although marketing can be a tricky thing to master, it is still
manageable, and there is no need to be intimidated. There are lots
of marketing ideas tried and tested for salons that work well in
attracting clients and improving customer retention.

If you’re a struggling salon owner looking to beef up their
marketing programs, then read on to find out what marketing ideas
you can do to secure more clients.

  1. Offer refer-a-friend program – One way to
    increase the number of your clientele is by working with the ones
    you already have. You may be wondering how. Well, through a
    referral program of course. A referral
    is a program targeting your current customers. This
    marketing idea encourages your customers to refer a friend to your
    salon by giving them discounts for each successful referral
    accomplished. The good thing about a referral program is that
    people are more likely to act on a referral than a cold call or
    email from you. When the recommendation comes from a trusted and a
    close source, it is more likely to receive the attention of new
    clients. Referred customers are found to be more loyal than
    ordinary customers. Another plus is that they are more receptive to
    using your salon products and services.
  2. Form partnerships with other businesses
    There are many ways one can innovate with their business. One way
    to be on top of the competition is by collaborating with other
    businesses. Too often do we neglect the potential of collaborating
    with other businesses and how it can drive more traffic and revenue
    for both of your business. As a salon, you can collaborate with a
    lot of businesses. Depending on the locale, you can collaborate
    with businesses that are also in the beauty industry with you. For
    example, you can connect with your preferred massage place, or
    maybe you want to collaborate with a spa. With this marketing idea,
    you can tap into not only your clientele but to the other
    business’ clientele as well. It will be a win-win situation for
    both of your businesses plus the clients as well because of the
    deals they are getting.
  3. Offer salon promotions – Who doesn’t love
    a discount? This is why discounts, sales, and promotions are always
    a time-tested marketing scheme that works well for any business.
    Your sales promotions can depend on a lot of factors. It can be for
    first-time visitors, or maybe for specific holidays. Perhaps you
    can even set-up a payday discount or a weekly sale. With salon
    promotions, you can increase traffic for your salon and increase
    bookings. Of course, when you’ve got an increase in bookings, the
    more likely you are to generate sales so a well-executed salon
    promotion can boost revenue as well.
  4. Utilize social media marketing – The beauty
    community is thriving on social media lately and it is important
    that salon owners make use of this. Always set up a social media
    account for your salon to make it easy for your salon to be
    discovered by more interested patrons. Once you’ve got a working
    account on different social media platforms, don’t forget to
    market your business. Modify your advertising and social
    marketing strategies
    based on each platform for a more
    personalized experience for users. Take advantage of the primarily
    photo-based sharing platform of Instagram and post amazing looks to
    get the attention of interested customers. Optimize your hashtags
    and keywords so that you are getting the right kind of
  5. Get more connected through email marketing
    When it comes to marketing your business online, don’t neglect to
    market your business through email-based campaigns. This is to
    cover for the customers who don’t follow your social media
    accounts but have given their email to you. The benefit of using an
    email marketing campaign is that you get a lot of results for a
    cheap price. Also, you can use email marketing to execute some of
    the marketing ideas previously mentioned. For example, you can send
    emails with embedded referral links to encourage customers to refer
    a friend for a discount. You can also promote a sale or a promotion
    to unaware customers via their email. All this and more can be done
    through email and you can optimize this process by making use of
    inventory management system
  6. Use scheduling software – Using scheduling
    software to book appointments at your salon can help optimize the
    process and make it more convenient to schedule availabilities for
    both your staff and your clients. There are many features for
    clients and staff to take advantage of when using this kind of
    software. One feature that makes booking an appointment easier is
    the real-time calendar updates that customers can view online. This
    makes it easier for customers to decide when they want to schedule
    their appointments for their preferred treatments. Aside from that,
    scheduling software can remind your customers of appointments that
    they have set at your salon. If the clients have to cancel, at
    least you won’t be notified on the day of. This can allow you to
    free up the time to accept another appointment.
  7. Join in local activities – One thing that a
    lot of salons don’t make use of is the local community. The best
    salons have some sort of relationship with the community because,
    after all, that’s where most of their business comes from. This
    is why salons should do their best to join in on local activities.
    Whether the events are for holidays or maybe for fashion shows,
    merely showing your support can make your business’ name spread
    out there and increase your clientele.
  8. Give back to your community – Speaking of
    joining in on local activities, one way to make a relationship with
    the locals is by giving
    back to the community
    . Maybe ask for the local authorities on
    ways that you can help the community. Maybe you can provide free
    haircuts to the homeless. Maybe you can help fund a charity event
    happening in the future. This is a wholesome way of engaging with
    new potential clients that warms the heart.
  9. Get your salon listed in online directories
    – Recent statistics have shown that a majority of mobile users
    search for a business online or a product online before visiting
    the store. This is why you need to make your business as detectable
    and findable as possible. One way to do that is by listing your
    business on online directories such as on Yelp or on Google
    Business. This way, interested patrons can easily locate your salon
    and identify your opening hours and the services you provide.
  10. Make use of retargeting ads – Once a
    customer visited your site, whether or not they end up with a
    purchase, it is easier to make them convert than newer customers
    who have never interacted with your brand at all. To target these
    kinds of customers, it is best to make use of retargeting ads. If
    you’ve just launched a new product or treatment, then check the
    list of previous customers who are most likely to be interested in
    them and target them with the ads for said product/treatment.


Marketing your salon doesn’t have to mean spending big bucks
on billboards or posting flyers around town. There are a lot of
actionable marketing ideas that you could do today.

It is all about being in touch with your target market as well
as opening your salon up to the local community. Don’t wait any
longer before you start implementing these marketing strategies so
that you can optimize them to be even better as soon as

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Salon Business Secrets: 10 Actionable Marketing Ideas That Can Help You Secure More Clients