New research shows how Android helps companies build a digital workforce

IDC reports that by 2022, 75 percent of CIOs who don’t
transition their organization to flexible IT product teams that use
technology to solve problems in new ways will fall behind
the competition
. According to IDC, mobility is the key to
building a connected workforce that’s agile, particularly when
the organization is going through rapid change.  

In new research sponsored by Google, IDC asserts that teams can
thrive with platforms that feature a diversity of hardware, offer
strong security, and support IT management that balances with user
experience. This series of
whitepapers, videos and blog posts
detail the critical role
that mobility plays in achieving these core pillars and the
strengths that Android offers as a strategic platform of choice for

Phil Hochmuth, Program Director of IDC Mobility, said that for
businesses to transform how their workers do their jobs with
mobility, they must address key challenges around mobile computing
risk, device capabilities, and form-factor selection, as well as
the underlying provisioning and management of mobile end-user
technology. IDC sees Android as a strategic platform that addresses
each pillar to consider when choosing a mobile platform: Overall
security, solution breath, and IT management capabilities balanced
with user experience.

Android security extends from the hardware to the application
stack, ensuring corporate data is kept secure. Our broad set of OEM
partners offers a wide range of both price points as well as form
factors that can enable every worker. And Android IT management
span from the Work
, which separates personal data from corporate data
access on a BYOD or personally enabled device, to locked down modes
that control the device experience to a set of IT approved
applications. Combined with innovative tools that bring machine learning,
, and both native
and web
apps to users, Android is well suited to powering an
organization’s digital transformation efforts.

the IDC findings
to discover how Android powers a mobile,
connected workforce and can help your company take the next steps
toward transitioning to a digital workforce.

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New research shows how Android helps companies build a digital workforce