How I Increased My Instagram Following 50,000% Using This Tool

Are you struggling to grow your Instagram audience? If you’re
a brand owner or marketer, you have probably found yourself in this
position before, attempting to navigate a more complicated social
media landscape than you expected. Countless people are trying to
“make it” on Instagram, and some influencers have definitely
figured it out—but what was their secret?

It turns out, one of the primary tools successful Instagram
accounts use is the hashtag. Hashtags do not play much of a role on
LinkedIn and Facebook–although they are used, and do work
there–however, they are integral on Instagram and

Hashtags are tools that make your content visible to the online
world and allow other users to discover relevant posts.
Understanding how to properly and effectively use hashtags is a
game of its own with its own rules and strategies that you’ll
need to understand. Personally, I didn’t know where to
begin—but eventually, I found Hashtags for Likes, which
helped me grow my audience by 50,000%.

The importance of hashtags

Hashtags help create order out of chaos on social media.
According to
Jenna MacDonald from Business2Community

“Including a hashtag with your posts helps to categorize
content for your audience. From a user perspective, hashtags allow
people to find posts that are relevant to their interests and
interact with other social media users who share those interests by
joining the conversation about hashtag XY. From a business
perspective, it is your chance to be noticed in such conversation
and establish your company as a voice for certain

Let’s say there is a trending hashtag called #HowILoveMyPet.
Animal lovers flock to this hashtag to talk about and post pictures
of all the things they do when they show love to their pets. For
instance, If you are a business that specializes in healthy pet
foods, this hashtag is a perfect opportunity to join the
conversation because it exposes you to people who are likely to be
interested in your brand. As you can imagine, this strategy is much
more effective than floundering amongst fitness brands and
celebrity posts looking to resonate with the users in that
audience.  Through hashtags, you are now in the corner of
Instagram populated with your niche audience.

You can also use branded hashtags that are unique to your
company. Keyphrases (hashtag) unique to your business are excellent
ways to measure how popular your brand is on social media; this
allows you to see how many people are tagging posts with your
keyphrase, and what people are saying about you.

How Hashtags for Likes Helps

But not every hashtag is right for
your business
. Let’s say that the #HowILoveMyPet hashtag only
has a few posts in it. If this is the case, you aren’t exactly
maximizing your exposure, and, therefore, its less likely to
become“trending.” On the other hand, a hashtag might have
hundreds of millions of posts, in which case your post might be
drowned out and lost.

Hashtags for Likes is a tool that recommends the hashtags that
are the most practical for you to use–you want keyphrases that
maximize your content’s visibility, not tags that won’t do
anything for you. When you know which hashtags are the best to use,
you have more opportunities to reach new followers and augment your
online presence.

Staying on top of hashtag trends is challenging, too. What is
trending one day might not be trending the next, and you don’t
want to be late to the party. Hashtags for Likes keeps you updated
regarding what’s going on with the hashtag landscape. Whether you
post about art, travel, animals, nature, photography, food, people,
events, entertainment, or anything else, Hashtags for Likes is a
pragmatic tool for connecting with an audience that uses the same
channels of the internet.

How much does Hashtags for Likes cost?

Hashtags for Likes has two pricing models, monthly and annually.
For $9.00 per month, you have access to real-time results,
exclusive hashtags, and smart automation.

Through the annual plan, you get priority support in addition to
the services in the monthly plan for $79 per year.

Putting things into practice

Instagram allows you to have a maximum of 30 hashtags per image
and video, so you do not
have space to waste
when it comes to hashtags. Some marketers
argue that you should use fewer hashtags because you risk your
captions looking overcrowded or overly thirsty for attention if you
use all 30. Although the debate is still ongoing regarding a
sufficient number of hashtags to use, some say as little as four,
many believe that eight to twelve hashtags is the zone you want to
aim for to reach an audience. Either way, you only have so many
chances to optimize
your visibility
, so it pays to have assistance for selecting
your hashtags wisely.

Hashtags are going to play a crucial role in your Instagram
strategy, just like they did in mine. You can’t avoid it if you
want to connect with people on the platform, but Hashtags for Likes
can help you dramatically improve your hashtag game.

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How I Increased My Instagram Following 50,000% Using This Tool

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How I Increased My Instagram Following 50,000% Using This Tool