How eLearning Businesses Can Drive Targeted Traffic Using Niche-Specific PPC Networks

How eLearning Businesses Can Drive Targeted Traffic Using Niche-Specific PPC Networks

Orbis Research estimates
that the Global eLearning industry
will reach $275 billion by 2022…

That’s an annual growth rate of a staggering 7.5%.

It’s a sitting digital giant with enormous potential, driven
by flexible learning environments and increased credibility applied
to online learning ecosystems.

With this rapid growth comes a steady rise in competition for
innovators, new EduTech players, and old school training facilities
that are dipping their toe into online learning.

All of these players are providing online training environments,
known as Learning Management Systems (LMS), for the delivery of
education at scale. They provide the tech for educators and
businesses alike to upload assets, resources, and other educational
material, to a cloud-based environment, making them easily
accessible for people all over the world.

Here’s the problem: Competition is becoming
so fierce, due to an increasingly low barrier to entry for new
solutions, that LMS providers are struggling to get noticed.

So what’s the answer? How do they stand out?

The best way to generate qualified traffic to your LMS is by
using a niche-specific PPC network.

What is a niche-specific PPC network?

The term niche-specific PPC network might sound fancy and
complex, but in fact, it’s far simpler than traditional PPC
networks. Let me explain…

A traditional PPC network, such as Google Search and Display
Ads, enables you to tap into a HUGE potential audience. Just about
everyone is searching for stuff on Google or browsing websites on
the Google network.

On the other hand, a niche-specific PPC network is narrowly
focused on one industry or vertical. For example, eLearning
Industry’s PPC network
for Learning Management Systems (LMS)
delivers ads on a comparison directory for LMS providers.

Do you see the difference? Google is for everyone, a
niche-specific network is for a select group of highly targeted

Now, for most businesses, running ads on eLearning’s PPC
network wouldn’t make much sense. But for agencies and marketing
managers selling LMS solutions, a platform such as this provides
the perfect advertising opportunity because it is far more targeted
than other platforms could ever be.

What are the benefits of advertising on a targeted PPC network?

Here are a few of the primary benefits of promoting your
business on a targeted PPC network:

  • Targeting. Narrowly focused PPC networks are
    built on the premise of specificity. They are typically online
    communities or resource hubs targeted at a very unique group of
    individuals. If you can find a PPC network that has accrued trust
    with your ideal buyer, you can deliver your value proposition to
    these buyers without the noise of other offers and search results
    clouding their judgment.
  • Conversion Rates. Naturally, more focused
    targeting is going to result in better conversion rates from your
    paid ad spend. However, there is another element that most niche
    PPC networks share which will rapidly increase your conversion
    rates – consumer intent. It’s common for these networks to be
    seen on solution comparison directories – people are coming to
    these places to compare and contrast products and services. They
    are right at the bottom of the funnel ready to buy.
  • Timely Delivery. Leading on from the last
    point, a unique characteristic of industry-specific PPC networks is
    that they deliver ads to prospects when they are most likely to
    buy. You can pay a little extra for premium
    on these platforms and significantly boost your
    conversion rates.
  • Direct Comparisons. If you have a great
    product or service but are competing against some well-established
    brands with a much bigger marketing budget, industry-focused PPC
    networks can help you educate your ideal buyers about your unique
    selling proposition without leaking unnecessary money.

PPC network 1

  • Market Leadership. A focused PPC network or
    comparison website allows businesses to provide all the
    need-to-know information for prospects. You can also collect
    customer reviews and build a profile of proof that your offer is
    the best in the market. This consumer-generated proof establishes
    your business as a leader and breaks down the trust-building
    barriers of typical advertising platforms.

How to use a niche-specific PPC network in the eLearning industry

Tapping into the power of comparison directories and focused PPC
networks is not limited to the eLearning industry, but it works as
a great case study to show you how powerful this form of
advertising can be.

So, as an example, let’s take a look at how you can get
started with the eLearning Industry’s leading PPC platform for
LMS vendors.

  • Start by signing up for a pay-per-click listing at eLearning’s
    LMS signup page
    . It’s free to sign up and you get $100 in ad
  • Once you’ve signed up, you can create a directory listing on
    the LMS comparison directory. Your listing is where you will begin
    to accrue reviews and can provide prospects with the critical
    information they need to know about your solution.
  • Next, get started with your free credit and kick off your first
    PPC campaign. Their platform works on a price bidding system
    whereby the highest bid gets the best position in search results.
    But in general, you can expect to pay about $0.50 per click. So,
    for example, if you spend $250 a month you would generate 500
    highly targeted clicks to your landing page.
  • When you’re up and running it becomes a game of optimization.
    Track your campaign’s performance by enabling the conversion
    tracking feature, and start gathering user reviews, refining your
    messaging, and minimizing your cost per acquisition.

With comparison directories just like eLearning’s LMS network,
you can reach relevant customers precisely when they are doing
research about your solution. Now that is powerful!

Want to gain exposure for your LMS software? Get $100
FREE credit on
Industry’s PPC network

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How eLearning Businesses Can Drive Targeted Traffic Using Niche-Specific PPC Networks