Getting started on YouTube just got easier

Every month, more than 2 billion
people turn to YouTube for entertainment, inspiration and
. Whether they’re researching what to buy or
unwinding by watching one of their favorite YouTube creators,
they’re constantly discovering information at unplanned and
unexpected moments—including new brands and products. More than

90% of viewers say they have discovered new brands or products on
—a massive opportunity for any brand looking to raise

GML YT Hero 2019

Today at Google Marketing Live, we announced two new solutions
that make it easier for marketers to show up and stand out during
these key moments: Discovery ads and Bumper Machine.

No video? No problem!

For a long time, advertising on YouTube meant your brand had to
have a video or app ad. We’re excited to announce at GML today
that’s no longer the case. Coming soon, Discovery
are a simple and effective way to tap into the power of
YouTube—and you don’t even need a video! Just upload your best
images from your social campaign, then we’ll optimize your media
mix for maximum performance across Gmail, Discover and the YouTube
Home feed.

The YouTube Home feed has long been a great place for users to
discover their next favorite creator, and it can be a great place
for them to discover your brand, too. Over the last three years,

watch time from content discovered on the YouTube homepage has
grown 10x

Direct-to-consumer brands like TechStyle Fashion Group are
leaning into Discovery ads to diversify their growth marketing
strategy. TechStyle experimented with its first Discovery ad in
November 2018 to increase membership for its athleisure
subscription brand, Fabletics. Repurposing their existing image
assets, the brand saw up to 25% lower cost-per-lead on average
using Discovery ads compared to their ads on other channels,
including social and search.

Discovery Ad in YT Home feed

    A Discovery ad seen on the YouTube Home feed

Scale your video library

six-second bumper ads in 2016 as a way to help you
reach more mobile viewers, we’ve found that they punch far above
their weight when it comes to
. But producing a six-second video requires
additional time and resources that not every team has. That’s
where Bumper Machine, a tool that generates six-second videos from
longer video assets, can help.

Bumper Machine relies on machine learning models that are
trained to identify interesting, well-structured moments in a
longer video, like those that contain product or brand information,
human faces, motion or contrast. It organizes these moments and
brings them together to generate several different six-second ad
variations for you to pick from, all in a matter of minutes. Before
saving your new bumper ads, you can adjust them with simple

Every brand has different creative needs. For brands or agencies
with the resources to build bumper ads from scratch, Bumper Machine
can help them get started by visualizing a six-second story. For
others, it’s a quick and easy way to grow your asset library, and
a path to get started with video ad

If you don’t have a longer video to use with Bumper Machine,
you can work with one of our video production
partners listed on
to help you create videos
from scratch or edit existing assets, with no minimum spend

Any business, no matter their size or level of creative
expertise, can succeed on YouTube. We hope these new tools make it
easier for you to tell the stories that drive your business.

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Getting started on YouTube just got easier