From offices to libraries, building momentum in Michigan

Walking down bustling Woodward Avenue in Detroit on Sunday
night, I was impressed by the vitality and transformation of the
city. This momentum across Michigan is why we’ve continued to grow
our offices there for the past 13 years. Our workforce is growing
at a faster rate outside the Bay Area than in it, and with an
office in Ann Arbor and a new office in Detroit, we greatly value
being a part of the community in both cities.

Yesterday, I visited Michigan to announce we’re investing $17
million to expand our offices in Detroit and Ann Arbor. The result
will be a combined total of 260,000 square feet in office space,
giving us the capacity to significantly increase our local
workforce in the coming years.

As we continue to grow in Michigan, we want to help people in
the state have the opportunity to learn the skills they need to
succeed in the digital economy. So I also spent the morning
participating in Grow with Google workshops at Taylor Community
Library, west of Detroit, where community members came out to learn
digital skills, from making a professional presentation to helping
their businesses grow online.

  • Grow with Google in Michigan

    The Grow with Google team outside Taylor Community Library.

  • Ruth Porat with Grow with Google in Michigan

    Kim Schott from Detroit SCORE speaks during our partner

  • Grow with Google in Michigan

    Google trainers answered questions from workshop

  • Grow with Google in Michigan

    Grow with Google volunteers spoke about the importance of
    digital skills. 

  • Grow with Google in Michigan

    Participants at the Grow with Google workshop learned key
    digital skills. 

Across the country, we’ve teamed up with public libraries and
nonprofits that are helping to close the skills divide. The
Grow with Google Partner
makes it easier for these local partners to get the
latest resources and materials to teach digital skills; since our
launch in January, more than 5,000 organizations have joined the
program, with 200 based in Michigan.

In Taylor, I met librarians and nonprofit leaders who have used
resources from the Partner Program to train Michiganders in digital
skills. Kim Schott, Chapter Chair of Detroit SCORE, has mentored
small businesses and entrepreneurs throughout 40 years of working
experience. Today, she’s one of Grow with Google’s most active
partners and has conducted dozens of trainings to help local small
businesses grow by increasing their presence online.

We’ve held Grow with Google workshops in more than 60 cities and
towns across the country since 2017, and one thing is clear: Our
partners are leading the way in connecting entrepreneurs,
educators, students and job-seekers with digital skills training
that can help them succeed. Through our partnerships and our own
capital investments, we’re excited to be a part of the momentum
in Michigan.

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From offices to libraries, building momentum in Michigan