From Doodling to Design: A Q&A with Nicola Formichetti

Nicola Formichetti is a designer, stylist and bonafide fashion
icon. He’s created some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring red
carpet looks of the past decade—and now, he’s also the latest
addition to #teampixel, thanks to his new
of My Cases designed for Pixel 3 and Pixel 2 users.

Nicola’s effortless and cool style pairs nicely with the sleek
phone design, bringing a bright pop of color to Pixel devices. We
caught up with Nicola to learn more about what inspired him to
create his My Case collection and how technology shapes his current

What excited you about designing a My Case Artist

I love that I was able to do my own design very quickly using
Google tech—I used the Pixelbook and Pixelbook Pen to design this
collection. I’m just one example of what fun you can have drawing
with these new tools.

How does technology play a role in your creative

Technology is at the core of everything I do, from capturing my
inspiration at the very beginning of the process to sharing the
final product.

Tell us about what inspired your design of the phone

When I was creating the concept for these cases with the
Pixelbook Pen, I was reminded of when I was a kid and would
doodle…everywhere! First on notebooks, then on walls, then
eventually I began graffitiing. I’ve used pens on clothes before,
but not on a phone case so it was an exciting process.  

What’s your favorite feature on Pixel 3?

The camera on the Pixel 3 is amazing and is able to capture
photos and videos at an amazing quality. It’s perfect for taking
a great selfie!

Welcome to #teampixel, Nicola!

Source: FS – Social Media Blogs 2
From Doodling to Design: A Q&A with Nicola Formichetti