Facebook and Instagram Best Practices [Infographic]

The impact of social media on your company’s reputation
can’t be overstated—especially now, in the ever-growing age of
technology and instant gratification. However, it’s not as simple
as posting your brand’s promotional content left and right and
hoping to build a following. There are a lot of different factors
that play into whether or not your page takes off. Here are a few
excellent rules of thumb that will save you in the long run: keep
it real, be
, engage, and use the free tools that social platforms
Facebook recently released a blog and infographic, titled
Practices for Facebook and Instagram
“, where they delve into
the ways brands and figures can build successful and authentic
presences on their two sister platforms. They shared the key basics
business owners should know about the two sites, insight on what
works and what doesn’t, and some notes that are definitely worth
reading. Check out that guide below and don’t hesitate to
contact a
professional at SunnySide
if you need some help getting your
brand’s page up and running.

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Facebook and Instagram Best Practices [Infographic]
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Facebook and Instagram Best Practices [Infographic]