Carmen Sandiego is back on Google Earth, gumshoe

This March, we put out the call for super sleuths to help us
track down Carmen Sandiego in Google Earth. And we were blown
away by the enthusiasm and speed with which people found the
reformed VILE operative—who is now an ACME agent—by traveling
from city to city around the globe.

You not only solved the caper, but also shared stories and
memories of playing the original games, watching the shows (both
old and new) and sharing the experience with friends, family and

Today, we’ve teamed up with Carmen Sandiego once again—this
time to help her recover Tutankhamun’s
. Le Chevre, a master climber and classmate of Carmen
Sandiego at VILE Academy, has stolen the priceless artifact.
We’re counting on gumshoes everywhere to help Carmen find him and
recover the loot.


To get your assignment, look for the special edition Pegman icon
in Google Earth for Chrome, Android
and iOS.
Good luck, detectives!

Source: FS – Social Media Blogs 2
Carmen Sandiego is back on Google Earth, gumshoe