Announcing Kaggle integration with Google Data Studio

Kaggle and Data Studio

As of today, Kaggle is now
officially integrated with Data Studio, Google’s
serverless business intelligence and data visualization platform.
You’ll be able to connect to and visualize Kaggle datasets
directly from Data Studio using the
Kaggle Community Connector

Kaggle is the world’s largest online community of data
scientists. Its two million users come to the platform to explore,
create, and share data projects using
, a free hosted notebook IDE. Over 10,000
public datasets
can be analyzed using Kernels, accessed via the
web or Kaggle’s public API. This new integration, users can analyze
these datasets in Kaggle; and then visualize findings and publish
their data stories using Data Studio.

Here’s an example dashboard in Data Studio using a Kaggle

As a free-to-use reporting solution, Data Studio makes it easier
for users to understand their data, derive key insights, and
effectively communicate findings using compelling interactive
. Data Studio is creating an innovative landscape
where users can spend less time building their data pipeline and
more time on creating data stories and sharing them with the right

With this integration, users can browse to a dataset in Kaggle,
pick a file, and use the one-click integration button to launch
Data Studio with the selected data. From there, users can create
and publish their own interactive dashboard, which can be embedded
in websites and blogs. Since there is no cost to use Data Studio
and the infrastructure is handled by Google, users don’t have to
worry about scalability, even if millions of people view the

Here’s a quick clip showing how easy it is to use this
integration to build dashboards in Data Studio:


See Connecting Kaggle
Datasets to Data Studio
to learn more.

Data Studio helps data professionals bring the power of visual
analytics to their data. The hassle-free publishing process means
everyone can tell engaging stories, open up dashboards for others
to interact with, and make better-informed decisions. We’re also
releasing the
connector code
for this integration in the Data Studio Open
Source Repository. This should help both Data Studio developers and
Kaggle users to build newer and better solutions.

To get started, try out a
Kaggle maintained dataset
and launch the
Kaggle connector for Data Studio
. Let’s analyze more data and
build awesome dashboards!

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Announcing Kaggle integration with Google Data Studio