A Look Inside the New LinkedIn Pages Features

LinkedIn Company Pages have been used by more than 30 million
companies to share content, build communities, and reach the
professional social network’s audience of 590 million users.

Now, those pages are getting a major revamp and even a new name:

With a suite of fresh and updated tools, it’s easier than ever
to establish your company and employees as thought leaders on
LinkedIn – generating brand awareness and leads right from the

Here’s a look at the newest LinkedIn Pages features and how
you can use them to grow and engage your audience.

Manage Your LinkedIn Page on Mobile

There are over
2.5 billion smartphone users
across the globe – and that
probably includes you. In fact,
mobile internet usage
has surpassed desktop internet usage.
That means you’re not just consuming and sharing information at
home or at work. You’re doing it on the go, on your commutes,
during coffee, or on a lunch break.

That’s where LinkedIn’s new mobile admin functionality comes
in. Now you can manage your Page, post content, and respond to
comments from the LinkedIn mobile app.

LinkedIn on Mobile

So when inspiration strikes while you’re on the train or out
for dinner, you can post a quick update or respond to a new comment

Why it’s so important: Connect with your
audience anywhere at any time and keep the conversation going even
if you’re not in the office.

Discover and Share Trending Content

It’s important to keep posting content to your LinkedIn Page
and provide a consistent stream of information for your followers.
In fact, Linkedin found that companies that post weekly see a

2x lift in engagement
with their content. The question is: How
do you know what to post?

Enter Content Suggestions.

This new tool helps you discover topics and articles that are
trending among your target audience on LinkedIn. All you have to do
is identify your audience, explore trending content, and pick the
posts you want to share. You can even narrow down that audience by
job function, industry, seniority, and location.

LinkedIn Admin Page View

Why it’s so valuable:
77% of consumers want personalized content
. Now you’ll not
only be able to provide them with that personalized content in real
time, you can also more easily engage them in a conversation.

Share Employees’ Posts and Company Mentions

Employees are an incredibly important asset for companies that
want to build communities on social. They can
act as advocates
, giving your business a voice across hundreds
of accounts instead of just one brand account. And according to
LinkedIn, they often have
10x the social reach
of their company.

Now you can leverage that reach by sharing employees’ posts
right to your brand’s LinkedIn Page.

LinkedIn Employee Post

You can also share posts from LinkedIn users who mention your
company, such as in testimonials and product reviews. This provides
a great opportunity to showcase the customer’s voice and
diversify your LinkedIn Page content.

Why it’s so valuable: Build employee and
customer advocacy programs right on LinkedIn to expand your
brand’s reach. Rackspace, for example,
doubled its organic reach on LinkedIn
by launching an employee
advocacy program of 45 brand ambassadors.

Post PDFs, PowerPoints, and Word Documents

You’ve always been able to post links, images, videos, and
text to your company’s Page. But now you can share new media like
PowerPoint presentations, Word Documents, and PDFs to better engage
your followers.

Think about it. Ebooks, whitepapers, slideshows, case studies,
behind the scenes stories – all kinds of content formats that are
perfect for sharing on a professional social network and should
have marketing managers salivating.

Why it’s so important: Differentiate your
LinkedIn posts from your posts on other social networks.
Incentivize customers to follow you on LinkedIn for exclusive
access to what makes your brand unique.

Add Custom Call-to-Action Buttons

Call-to-action buttons aren’t just for social ads. You can now
include them right at the top of your LinkedIn Page, driving
visitors to take action right away.

Image source

Depending on your campaign goals and audience behaviors, you can
choose from a variety of options, including:

  • Visit website
  • See jobs
  • Contact us
  • Signup
  • Learn more
  • Register
  • Subscribe

Why it’s so important: It makes lead
generation easier than ever before. Customers don’t have to go
looking for company information or opening a new tab to visit your
website. Empower them to complete a desired action with just one

How a Brand Engages with LinkedIn Pages

LinkedIn has long been the go-to social network for B2B
marketing, and Company Pages have served as a crucial asset for
brands to stake out a presence on the platform.

So, consider the LinkedIn Pages revamp an early holiday gift –
and just what you need to boost your LinkedIn strategy in the
coming year. New tools like content discovery, call-to-action
buttons, and mobile admin capabilities are exactly what marketers
need to drive even more engagement and build larger audiences on
the world’s largest professional network.

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A Look Inside the New LinkedIn Pages Features