7 Social Media Ideas to Spice Up Your Social Media Marketing

Advertising on social media is definitely the way to go.
However, we’re not the only ones who think so.

Competing in the online marketing world and getting noticed is
no easy task. It’s said that the average consumer sees over

5,000 ads a day

Therefore, you must be different. You must be engaging! You
must get your brand out there!

Being successful can literally come down to two simple tips –
create engaging social media advertising and use an Amazon PPC

Here are our top 7 suggestions on how to spice up your social
media advertising while using an Amazon PPC Agency!

1. Have a Funny Meme Contest Using a Chosen Photo

Post to your followers, giving away a free or discounted product
to the person who has the best caption for a photo of your

Post the photo with the rules of the contest and ask everyone to
like and share. Tell them the more people involved in the contest
will result in a larger prize. Then, let their creativity get the
better of them and watch as the comments rush in!

For an added bonus, utilize your Amazon PPC Agency to get your
contest reaching even further, cultivating even more leads.

2. Have an Art Contest

Similar to #1, have an art contest with the same prize
structure. Give them a direction to go in, whether it has anything
to do with your business or not, and give them a week to

It would be most engaging to have an art contest based on a
picture of you or your company, however. Let them poke fun of you
if you can take it!

3. Utilize Your Amazon PPC Agency

An Amazon
PPC Agency
 can help you get the most bang for your buck with
social media advertising. By teaming up, you can have a specialist
watching your back and ensuring you get the lowest advertising
cost of sales all while boosting your sales. 

These agencies will get your ads out there for more than just
your followers to see.

4. Use “Tag-a-Friend” Marketing

Create or reuse a funny meme about friends or just funny people
in general. Then, post to your followers telling them to tag a
friend whom the meme most closely relates.

Use this as a great way to gain followers and likes on Facebook
or Instagram!

5. Create How-To Videos

Everybody loves DIY projects. Posting a how-to video is a great
way to show what you do, how you do it and make people feel
involved. You’ll easily win over some new customers and get more

If you use an Amazon PPC Agency, your videos will have a broader
reach, inviting the public at large to watch you do your thing.

6. Ask Your Followers

Another great way to appeal to consumers is by asking them what
they think. Ask them what they want from you or your type of
business in general. Ask what they would change about you and what
they love.

A little constructive criticism never hurt anyone!

7. Post Testimonials

People love testimonials. Whether it’s weight loss success or
financial turnarounds, people like watching others succeed. The
reason is that it suggests “if others can, why can’t

Post a short video or pictures of some compelling testimonials
and spread your ad wide using an Amazon PPC Agency. Your popularity
and credibility will grow enormously.

Be Yourself

Finally, the key to be genuine and successful is to simply be

Create products and ads true to you, but let an Amazon PPC
Agency help spread the word. 

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7 Social Media Ideas to Spice Up Your Social Media Marketing

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7 Social Media Ideas to Spice Up Your Social Media Marketing