7 Secrets to Getting More Instagram Followers

As you have probably discovered, expanding your reach on
Instagram is not as easy as it sounds. There is more to it than
posting cool photos, liking a few others, and hoping that people
somehow notice you and decide to click the “follow” button.
Instead, you need to do things like comment on other people’s
images, share videos, follow and unfollow the right people, post at
strategic moments, produce content that is original yet on-brand,
and more. It’s a headache that you didn’t expect—so is there
any way to make the process easier? There are multiple, so here are
seven secrets to getting more Instagram followers:

1. Post content that resonates with your audience

As they say, content is everything. Why should people follow you
if your posts are boring or obnoxious? No one wants to scroll
through their feeds and find something unworthy of their

Your content needs to give
people something
they are looking for, such as laughter,
behind-the-scenes looks, or new information. It might take the form
of a video, a photograph, an infographic, an interview, or
something else, but it should be enticing and valuable.

2. Publish at the right times

Use tools like Instagram Insights to see when your audience is
most active on the platform. They might check their phones when
they wake up, while they are bored at work or school, when they get
home, or before they go to bed at night.

When you know when a sizable portion of your audience is about
to log on, it’s advantageous to post around those times to
maximize the likelihood of them seeing your content. If you publish
at a random time during the day, your post might drown amidst an
ocean of other content. Learn to
work with Instagram’s algorithm
so that you put your material
in front of people when they are ready for it.

3. Use helpful automation tools.

Between liking, commenting, following, and other actions,
managing an Instagram account can be tedious and time-consuming.
There are available tools, however, that make these processes much
smoother because they leverage the power of automation. Wouldn’t
you like to use a tool that can comment on other people’s
content, like their posts, and know when it’s time to follow and
unfollow people on your behalf?

There are multiple
Instagram automation
resources, so conduct sufficient research
to determine which one is right for you. Check out what past users
are saying about each: for instance,
SocialCaptain reviews
mention that though the tool is new, it
is growing quickly thanks to artificial intelligence

4. Interact with your followers.

One of the most important things you can do is interact with
your followers. Instagram success is not necessarily measured
in followers; it is measured in engagement. People want to see
intriguing content, yes, but they also crave recognition.

Respond to comments, answer questions, tag people in posts,
follow some of your audience members back, like their posts, and
share user-generated content (which is material they create that is
pertinent to your brand). Acknowledge your followers and let them
know you appreciate them.

5. Partner with other users.

Partnerships are effective ways of tapping into already-existing
audiences. You might decide to hire an influencer to promote your
brand for a fee, or you can ally yourself with another company and
offer joint privileges or marketing strategies.

When an influencer or brand talks about you, they bring you to
the attention of all of their followers—and it happens quickly,
instead of targeting these people individually or getting yourself
featured on Instagram Explore (which is a worthwhile thing in its
own right).

6. Approve photo tags.

Here’s a lesser-known technique you shouldn’t neglect:

approving photo tags
before anything appears on your profile.
It’s fantastic when people tag you in their posts, but sometimes
they tag you in junk or are trying to “troll” you.

It will harm your image if other people see that you are tagged
in a variety of offensive posts. So, go to “Options,” then to
“Photos of You,” and select “Add Manually” so that you can
filter out what tagged posts display on your profile.

7. Cross-promote.

Your audience on one platform might be different than another,
so don’t shy away from letting them know about each other. Tell
your Facebook and Pinterest followers about your Instagram and link
to your various channels on each platform. If people find you
through Twitter or LinkedIn, make it easy for them also to find you
on Instagram. Calls to action are essential, too—once people are
done reading your posts, let them know what you want them to

Executing an effective Instagram strategy is not as
straightforward as you would believe, but there are a few tricks
you can use to attract potential followers. What are your secrets
for gaining followers on Instagram?

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7 Secrets to Getting More Instagram Followers
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7 Secrets to Getting More Instagram Followers