6 Ways of Optimizing Social Listening to Generate Business Leads

The digital marketing trending is changing all around us. Social
media is vigilant and your brand is among its discussions.
Initially, brands used surveys and focus groups to gather feedback.
Social listening allows you to gather insight, look into the
problem and generate leads through customized solutions.

A good social listener is able to generate leads, create content
their audience finds resourceful and improve their overall customer
experience. It demands deep analysis so as to gain clarity from a
conversation. Here are ways to generate business leads using social
media listening.

Learn Their Language

To convert your target audience into customers, you have to
communicate in their language. This way you can position your
message to those who want to use your brand in a relevant manner.
Gathering your target market’s data should be your first step.
Find the common phrases you can track.

The common phrases will lead you to the content they are
interacting with and the competitor pages. Do your own research and
come up with words that may translate into topics or hashtags your
target audience uses. You will able to use these keywords to
optimize your content for your target audience.

Create Social-lead Gathering Campaigns

From the list of keywords you created, choose those that are
most relevant to your brand. Monitor each of them using a social
listening tool. Most tools will give you daily reports on mentions.
Check the daily mentions of keywords that matter to your

Reach out to those interested in your services and engage in
meaningful conversations. This is a chance to connect with them,
make them understand your brand and that will transform a lead to a

Wow Customer Experience

One of the major reasons why people shift from one brand to
another is as a result of poor customer service. Through social
media listening, you can create exemplary customer experience

  • Responding to complaints and questions quickly- Ensure you have
    a system of responding to potential and current customers
  • Gather feedback- Listening to your clients helps you solve
    numerous problems at once.
  • Create solutions- Don’t only focus on your brand mentions.
    Offer to advise, answer questions and give guidance to questions
    relating to relevant keywords. You might just convert someone into
    a client.

Engage With Influencers

Based on research, influencer marketing brings about higher ROI.
Collaborating with a like-minded influencer will help you utilize
their immense influence and audience. Check out the hashtags and
keywords influencers’ use that could be of lead to your niche.
Add them to the monitoring tool and continue analyzing posts and
tweets of the most active influencers.

Create a campaign just like you did for clients. Be sure to
contribute to social media conversations when appropriate. By doing
this, you get to reach a new market and increase awareness around
your products.

Follow Industry Hashtags

Keep an eye on the industry hashtags. You may find your
niche’s most used hashtags using various tools. After identifying
the most popular keywords, monitor them using your social
media listening
tool for alerts. Look out for emerging trends
and how people are responding to them. Do they need something?
Solve their problem

Never Stop Learning

The only permanent thing is change, and to stay relevant you
need to learn new things. Dig into your industry in any way
possible. What brand is your inspiration? Check their strategies
and how they implement them.

This will give you new ideas and trends that can be valuable for
your business. NetBase uses social media listening to generate
leads for your brand and discover new opportunities. Be the
trendsetting brand in your niche!

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6 Ways of Optimizing Social Listening to Generate Business
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6 Ways of Optimizing Social Listening to Generate Business Leads