6 Top Social Media Marketing Tips for 2019

It’s been noted in several publications lately that that
marketing to people online is starting to hit a time threshold. In
other words, people have only so many hours a day to socialize,
play games or hang out online. Therefore, while the number of
social media ads you run is limitless (depending on budget, of
course), your target persona can only view the number of ads that
are displayed to them while THEY’RE online. So how does a company
reach those people within their limited hours online and grab their
attention on social media.

1. Know your personas inside and out.

The persona marketing concept isn’t new. However, in this age
of personalization and mobile technology, knowing how your persona
behaves, where and how they spend their leisure time, is extremely
important. Then, you can fine-tune your marketing strategy to meet
your persona where and when they are online in a manner that they
will respond to.

2. Market across social channels.

Invite your followers to all your social media channels or
create a marketing campaign that is marketed to your followers on
one social channel and draws them to another one. For instance,
your campaign can market to your followers on Facebook and invite
them to enter a contest on Instagram. You can also market to your
email mailing list and invite them to enter a contest on

3. Provide interactive high-quality content.

High-quality content that meets the needs of your persona is
still the key to online marketing on any channel including social
media marketing. Making content interactive appeals to online-savvy
Millennials and Gen-Zers. Technology is developing rapidly
including adding artificial intelligence features in the marketing
mix. The more your content can be personalized for your persona,
the more they are likely to engage with it.

4. Stay up-to-date with improvements in technology.

With the growth of mobile devices, images, video and audio have
become increasingly popular. They can be viewed or listened to
easily on any-size device. Social media channels are adding video
to their content offerings as seen on Facebook, Instagram,
Pinterest and Twitter. Creating short videos or podcasts that can
be viewed or listened to while your persona waits in line at the
bank or in the doctor’s waiting room may be the opportunity you
need to reach them.

5. Personalize as much as possible.

Personalization is appearing on social media channels and mobile
apps as well as website ordering. AI is used to learn about each
persona and cater answers to that individual. This is easily seen
when ordering from Amazon or using Alexa to search. Look for
opportunities to put this type of personalization to use in your
social media marketing campaigns.

6. Be aware when marketing to personas under 21.

Valid health
 are arising in parents of children who spend a lot of
time online. When creating content for teenagers or young adults,
consider not only the child persona, but the parents as well. Make
your content attractive to kids in a positive and healthy

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6 Top Social Media Marketing Tips for 2019