6 Tips for Using Instagram for Business

Are you Instagram-curious but unsure how to build and leverage a
brand profile that makes your brand enticing to a new market?
Getting started is fairly simple, but there are things you can do
to make your efforts pay off faster. If you already have a
Twitter handle, try to keep the same name when you sign up
for an Instagram account. Add a profile pic that represents your
brand and a link to your business website.

You can also connect your account to Facebook so followers can
find you there as well. After you set up your Instagram account,
there are a number of things you can do to capitalize your presence

Learn How Businesses Are Using Instagram

are flocking to Instagram
 to harness the power of this social
media blockbuster. This is largely due to the launch of
the Instagram for
Business blog 
which features tips, brand spotlights, API
examples and other helpful information for newcomers and seasoned
users alike.

Balance Fun Images with Your Business Shots

Take advantage of the real estate available with an Instagram
web page that creates a story with images. You can mix in business
scenes with photos added just for fun. Tip: As if you didn’t
already know, everybody loves puppies. Let your dog act as a brand
ambassador, and you can even equip him with the latest
swag – covered in your business logo, of course.

Cultivate a Following

Instagram doesn’t do much good if you haven’t cultivated a
following. One of the best ways to do this is to sign up
for free followers
on Instagram
. You can also connect to your Facebook account
for cross-branding and use relevant, popular hashtags that draw in
followers organically.

The other side of this is following your followers and liking
their photos. This goes beyond quid pro quo to create goodwill.
Plus, commenting and liking photos on other accounts gives you even
more exposure.
When you cross-post images on Facebook, be sure to add a hashtag
that fits in with your campaign so that people not connected to you
on Instagram can easily find you and share your posts.

Debut Videos and Embedded Instagram Video in Blogs

Twitter’s Vine has some serious competition with the more
recent Video on Instagram feature. You can post 15-second, editable
videos – more than twice as long as Vine content allows.

To maximize your efforts, embed Instagram videos everywhere,
including your blogs, website and Facebook posts. This gives you
multi-channel coverage and fluidity as you get your brand out to
more people in a consistent format.

Develop a Flexible Posting Plan

It’s important to post often but not necessarily every
day. Since feed speed on Instagram is still fairly calm, you have
a little more leeway between posts. This is a far better strategy
than saturating followers’ feeds and being dropped. Using your
current inventory of content, create a schedule of what to post and
when to post it. Track your followers and responses to better
determine what’s working.

Harness the Power of Apps

Instagram has native apps like its video editor, InShot and
Boomerang offerings that help users customize photos and videos.
However, there are many apps available on the internet that provide
even more opportunities and effects.
This is a great way to keep your content fresh and to attract new
followers who want to know how you did it. Being the go-to wizard
for effects, apps and posts is a fantastic way to get likes and

There are many ways to use Instagram positively for your
business and stay ahead of the competition. The more you learn, the
more effective you become, garnering positive results for your
products and services.

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6 Tips for Using Instagram for Business
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6 Tips for Using Instagram for Business