6 Things You Should Never Say to a Social Media Manager

Social media isn’t exactly the new kid on the block anymore,
but sometimes people still get confused. Social jobs are just young
people having fun at work, right? No.

Social media pros are like professional dancers—what the
audience sees looks effortless and light—but that doesn’t mean
the work is easy.

Building a loyal brand following on social can be gruelling, and
deserves the same recognition as any role within a business. If
you’re guilty of saying something (potentially insulting) to a
social media manager—read on, and learn what you can say instead.

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6 things you should never ask or say to a social media manager 1.
Can you post this right now?

Your social media manager isn’t sitting around all day posting
about whatever pops into their head. There is a strategic method to
the madness.

What they choose to post, how they interact with followers, what
they retweet or share, the number of posts sent out each
day—everything is done with a purpose.

By asking a social media manager to post something out of the
blue, you show a lack of understanding about the strategy and skill
they bring to the job.

What to ask instead: Would your calendar allow
for this content in two weeks?

2. Can you make this go viral?

Let’s talk about what happens when your content goes viral.
You’ll see a big spike in social engagement, and may even
experience an increase in website traffic. Then, within a few days,
everything will return back to normal activity.

If your content isn’t created to be “evergreen”—that is,
provide long-term value for your audience—then it won’t have a
great return
on investment
. That’s why social media managers focus on
creating relevant, quality content that meets business goals.

What to ask instead: How do we measure a
post’s success?

3. Why aren’t we on [insert new flashy social network]?

It’s tempting to be seen as one of the first brands on a new
social network—and if it makes sense for your business, early
adoption can have a big payoff.

But the secret to social media success isn’t about being on
every network. It’s about creating and sharing quality content
consistently with your audience.

Establishing a successful presence on a social network requires
a lot of additional planning, strategy, and resources. Investing in
a new social network on a whim is not a smart business

What to ask instead: Do the demographics of
[insert flashy network] align with our target audience?

4. We should get this celebrity to endorse us on social!

Social media
have dedicated and engaged followings—and an
endorsement can be a big boost for your brand.

However, influencers are no longer just celebrities. They range
from industry experts to content creators to local entrepreneurs.
That’s why finding the right influencer isn’t about the most
likes or follows, but their relevance to your brand.

A quick, one-off endorsement isn’t how influencer partnerships
work—and they’re rarely free. It can take months to finalize a
plan that suits both the brand and influencer.

What to say instead: Do we have the budget for
an influencer as part of our campaign?

5. Can I pick your brain for my personal account?

There’s a common misconception that running a personal social
media account is the same as running a business one. People often
don’t realize that business accounts require a completely
different set of skills. A social media marketer wears a lot of
different hats—content strategist, writer, analyst, and

Your company’s social account might look fun to the outside
observer, but on the inside it’s serious business. Your social
team is running campaigns, A/B testing, and reporting on ROI.

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That’s why it’s not easy to switch gears and think about how
to help you repost a funny meme, and it’s likely not a great use
of time either.

What to ask instead: Can you recommend any
beginner courses on social media?

6. Let’s post something fun for [insert national holiday]!

If there’s one thing social marketers want you to know, it’s
that there’s a strategic decision behind every post. The choice
to omit something from your company’s feed—like a national
holiday—is intentional.

Jumping in on conversations without intention can actually
devalue your brand and annoy followers. You need to have trust that
your social media manager knows when and how to engage in trending
topics. You can’t force relevance.

What to say instead: Don’t even say anything.
But don’t forget to buy your social media staff donuts for
National Donut Day! Or else you’re a monster.

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