5 Tools to Simplify Your Company’s Social Media Management

In today’s high-tech world, it’s easy to see that social
media marketing is an amazing way for business owners and managers
to help them quickly build relationships with their customers. In
fact, due to the popularity of online digital marketing to assist
companies with their social media marketing efforts, a variety of
social media management tools have been designed that can help
create, implement, and even keep track of our company’s social
media campaigns and marketing strategies.

Whether your business involves selling an upscale and trendy
product like the Rolex
 or inviting everyone to purchase tickets to the hottest event in
, any type of business can truly benefit from online social
media marketing. If you are not taking advantage of the perks of
social media marketing, you are definitely missing out on an
amazing opportunity to grow your business and connect with
thousands of potential customers.

Here are some of the top social media management tools available
today and a little bit about what they can do for your business to
help simplify your digital online marketing and keep you on top of
the latest trends.

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Tools for Your

  1. TweetDeck – This popular app allows us to
    watch real-time updates to all our social media channels like
    Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, LinkedIn, etc. It can be used on
    the iPhone and Android as well as on a laptop via an installed
  2. Sendible – If you are concerned about
    reputation management, Sendible lets you monitor comments about
    your brand or company to see what folks are saying about you
    online. We can also use Sendible to engage and interact with new
    and potential customers as well as track the success of our email
    marketing campaigns.
  3. SpredFast – Data and analytics are how we
    measure our social media campaigns to see if they are effectively
    reaching our target audience. SpredFast allows you to analyze the
    data from Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and Facebook accounts to see
    which posts are popular and who they are reaching to help you
    better plan your marketing strategy.
  4. Buffer – Avid Twitter users will enjoy the
    ease of scheduling Tweets using Buffer and the perk of scheduling
    updates in bulk to appear throughout the day, week, or month!
  5. HootSuite – This hard-working app lets us
    schedule and make posts to the most popular online social media
    sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can also easily
    monitor keywords for success and other popular settings and

Be sure to take advantage of these helpful online social media
tools to automate posts, tweets, updates, and other social media
efforts. Work smarter, not harder and see your online marketing
efforts succeed!

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5 Tools to Simplify Your Company’s Social Media Management

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5 Tools to Simplify Your Company’s Social Media Management