5 Reasons You Need a Reliable Social Media Management System

For many marketers, a reliable social media management system
(SMMS) is the lifeblood of your operation. You may have the best
talent and strategies available, but without the right tools to
help you execute a vision, you’re left floundering.

Your SMMS is the reason you can manage multiple accounts,
schedule posts, monitor incoming messages, analyze performance, and
collaborate across departments – all on one platform. The scary
thing is, if your SMMS goes down or malfunctions, your whole social
marketing operation does, too.

That’s why we’re looking at five reasons why you need a
stable and reliable

1. Social Media Never Sleeps

Three million Facebook posts, 450,000 Tweets, and 66,000
Instagram posts. That’s the amount of
social content generated every minute

Social media is a 24/7 playing field. It never takes a break –
and neither should your SMMS. You might have scheduled posts that
run throughout the night, or just when you’re away from your
platform. You might have customer care accounts that buyers rely on
for help. You might have audiences across the world who you’re
targeting at specific times.

Without your SMMS to back you up, you could be wasting your
budget on misfired posts and leaving valuable customer interactions
on the table.

2. Respond to Customers in Real Time

Need help keeping up the pace?

5 tools to speed up customer care


Social media is the new
frontier of customer care
. Customers know that they can use
social to instantly connect with friends and family. And they
expect to do the same with brands. In fact, a whopping
80% of consumers
use social to engage with companies, and

54% would rather use social
than phone or email to connect with

You just need to be there to meet them – and you need
to do it fast
. According to Twitter,
60% of users
expect brands to respond within an hour and
67% said
they’ve decided to purchase a product
because of an
interaction with a brand on social media.

Those customers probably won’t care if your SMMS has a glitch.
They just want to be able to reach you and receive help in real

3. Gather Audience Insights without Gaps

Audience behaviors can be nuanced and tricky to pinpoint.
That’s why you need to collect as much data across platforms as
possible. Your SMMS can do this for you, but if it’s unreliable,
you risk having holes in your audience data. And inaccurate
leave you grasping for the right strategy.

Only with comprehensive insights at your fingertips can you
accurately segment and target audiences, and deliver the most
effective messaging possible.

4. Stay Connected Across Teams

The right SMMS doesn’t just keep your team connected; it keeps
real-time data flowing between teams. This way, your organization
build a comprehensive view of each customer
and whenever any
team – sales, marketing, or customer
– interacts with someone, they have all the information
they need to make to make the most informed decisions.

On the other hand, if you can’t rely on your SMMS to be
always-on, that means your teams can’t function at full capacity,
leaving employees unprepared and customers frustrated.

5. Optimize at Any Moment

You should be able to run your marketing operation at the speed
of social. That means responding to customers at a moment’s
notice and launching campaigns based on real-time data. For
example, if a new trending conversation emerges, you want to be
able to join in. Or if an influencer starts an important
conversation about a product, you want to be there to talk to help
convert potential customers.

Anything slower, and you’ll get left behind.

That’s why your SMMS is so crucial to the function of your
organization. It’s the engine in your car, the arc reactor in
your Iron Man suit. If it’s not stable and reliable, you can’t
save the world – or at least serve your customers properly, one
social interaction at a time.

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5 Reasons You Need a Reliable Social Media Management System

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5 Reasons You Need a Reliable Social Media Management System