10 Reasons Why a Professional Digital Marketing Certification Is Better Than a University Degree

10 Reasons Why a Professional Digital Marketing Certification Is Better Than a University Degree

Why should you choose Digital Marketing as a career?

Whether you’ve just graduated from high school, or you’ve
been working in a specific industry for a while and you’re
looking for something new, you’re likely exploring education
options. A career in digital marketing can be an exciting one, and
with digital marketing becoming such an important component of just
about every company’s advertising efforts, there’s no denying
that it’s a career that can allow you to grow and continue to
offer you better opportunities.

When it comes to pursuing a new career, employers like to see
that you have had relevant training, which gives them confidence
that you’re skilled in that particular field. Like many people
exploring education options, the big question you’re asking
yourself is likely this: Is it better to just get certified in a
specific field, or opt for a four-year college degree at a

Growing up, most of us are told that going to college is the
optimal choice. We’ll learn everything we need and employers will
favor that over a certification. But with today’s changing times,
is that still the case?

There are certain occupations that require a college degree;
there’s no denying that. But when it comes to digital marketing,
it’s important to heavily weigh the pros and cons of a degree
versus specific training. The fact is that digital marketing is not
a commonly offered major through most traditional universities, and
students will often have to opt for the next best thing, such as a
generalized marketing degree. While they may learn some of the
basic fundamentals of digital marketing, students may not receive a
well-rounded and focused education that solely concentrates on
internet marketing.

digital marketing certification
can teach students all the
skills they need to succeed in the world of internet marketing, in
less time and for far less the cost. Because a certificate focuses
completely on a specific subject, students don’t have to waste
time learning about things they don’t care about, or that are
irrelevant to their desired career path.

Still not convinced?

The following are 10 reasons to choose a professional
certification instead of a university degree if you’re pursuing a
career in digital marketing:

1. Career-focused

A professional certification in digital marketing is great when
you are looking to achieve specific career goals in a short period
of time. Focused courses geared toward
, content
, or social
, for example, provide curated content for professionals
to upskill in those specific areas versus a broad marketing
education, for example. University degrees also have a much longer,
and undefined return-on-investment, as they are not always geared
towards specific goals.

2. Save time

digital marketing certification
will generally take between one
to six months to earn, depending on how many skills you are looking
to acquire. A degree in digital marketing from a university, on the
other hand, can take up to four years or more. If you are looking
to further your education with a professional degree, you are
looking at more time on top of that. It’s questionable whether
all these years in school are necessary when pursuing a career in
digital marketing, as a certification course can offer you all the
skills you need to succeed.

3. Save on cost

Digital marketing certifications don’t cost as much as
university degrees for several reasons:

  • The certification courses are of lesser duration, so naturally,
    any operational costs around faculty are smaller.
  • Also, most renowned digital marketing certification courses
    like Simplilearn’s
    Digital Marketing Specialist
    are entirely online, so there are
    no operational overhead costs. Students also don’t have to worry
    about transportation and living expenses when it comes to getting
    to class. Earning a university degree, on the other hand, often
    requires on-campus visits, which can add to the overall education

4. Developing a specific skill

Most digital marketing certification courses build a specific
skill set, such as PPC, SEO, content marketing, web analytics, or
social media marketing. Each of these skill sets map to job roles
that are in high demand. A university degree in marketing or
digital marketing, however, will provide more theoretical knowledge
about marketing principles. Though useful to know, such theoretical
knowledge often doesn’t help in practical on-the-job situations.
For example, it is good to know the principles of segmentation and
targeting. But if you haven’t learned specific digital marketing
skills, such as how to set up and maintain a Google Ads campaign,
then theoretical knowledge isn’t going to help much. That’s
where the practical knowledge from a professional certification in
PPC and SEM comes in handy.

5. Flexibility

One huge advantage of receiving a
digital marketing certification
is that most courses are
available online, and you can study from anywhere if you have a
good internet connection. Whether you’re at home, commuting to or
from work, or are on vacation, online learning affords you the
flexibility to learn anywhere, and on any device.

6. Widely accepted and recognized

Today, many digital marketing certifications carry even more
value and credibility than many university degrees. One reason for
this is that large multinational corporations are recognizing the
value of these professional courses and are entering into
agreements with certification providers. Companies are struggling
with a skills-gap crisis, with a dearth of suitably skilled
professionals who have received industry-oriented training.

7. Always state-of-the-art

Conventional education, such as university programs, typically
isn’t designed to cope with the changing needs of industry.
Online certifications, on the other hand, are devised specifically
with this end objective in mind. As these certification courses are
created and designed by professionals in the field, you can
generally expect that these courses would be up-to-date with the
latest changes and trends in the industry. This is crucial in the
world of digital marketing, with things constantly changing and

8. Highly engaging training

All renowned online certification providers rely on student
feedback to determine which instructors are good and which
aren’t. They use this constructive feedback as they design future
education programs. With universities, it can sometimes be a matter
of luck. Experienced and knowledgeable professors with years of
experience at the university may still not offer the learning
experience you’re looking for, or the personalized attention
you’re seeking.

9. Opportunities for all

Students who are also parents (or have elderly parents to take
care of) may find it difficult, or even impossible, to drop
everything in order to attend classes in person. Online courses
offer a wonderful alternative to those with obligations. This
method of learning is also useful to those with physical
challenges. You can complete the certifications just by sitting in
your home and without stepping outside at all.

10. Individualized learning

Online learning can help students harness their strengths and
minimize weaknesses by focusing on various projects, labs, and
guided assistance through well-known teaching assistants, such as
the ones that are provided in
Simplilearn’s courses

Once you’ve decided to pursue your digital marketing
certification, it’s time to choose an education program that best
suits you. At Simplilearn, their digital marketing courses and
certification programs are second-to-none, with foundation,
advanced, and masters programs to suit professionals at every stage
of their careers.

Training that covers the full spectrum
of digital marketing includes their Introduction to Digital
Marketing Certification Training and their Digital Marketing 101
courses, as well as the more advanced Digital Marketing Specialist
program. For training in a particular niche, take a look at
Simplilearn’s specialized programs that focus on Advanced Email
Marketing Certification Training and Advanced Content Marketing
Certification Training, among many others.

Feel free to browse their entire catalog of digital marketing
courses to find the one that’s best for you. If you have any
questions about their courses and where to begin, they’re always
available to help.

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